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The current cue “change by design or by disaster” addresses the global call to action summarized in the Sustainable Development Goals. Supernova Institute — derived from the astronomical term supernova that describes the bright flare at the end of a star’s existence — stands for radical recommencement and for “change by design” and acts as a transdisciplinary cooperative for social innovation and the design of human centered processes.

We from Supernova Institute believe that for our society to successfully transition we need a post-capitalistic, ecosystemic mindset aligned with public welfare and accompanied by inclusive structures like coops and the commons to relieve traditional growth and profit oriented thinking which is increasing the gap between rich and poor.

Considering this framework, an unconditional basic income — required due to the impact of automation — can be experienced as liberation and not as an existential threat.

So for a successful transformation we need human centered, holistically oriented strategies, tools and methods of coping. In order to cope with freedom, self-reliance and responsibility is required. In order to play creatively with the consequences of inevitable forms of exit, reduction and recycling, craftsmanship and ingenuity is needed as well as solidarity and commitment to the common good. To cope with community based work empathy, openness and flexibility are needed as well as entirely new structures.

Supernova Institute puts across those strategies, tools and methods of coping and advocates in international projects for justice, empowerment, education and exchange; strengthening local communities and global networks. Supernova Institute brings together embodied cognition, participatory methods, design, makers, mindfulness and blockchain technology. We develop trans-disciplinary co-creation workshops, formats and projects for various contexts. We work holistically and systemically, developing personal competences as well as optimizing societal processes. We believe this is one of the keys to an equitable, sustainable future.

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