about us

Derived from the astronomical term supernova that describes the bright flare at the end of a star’s existence, the Supernova Institute stands for radical transformation in all forms. Faced with civilizational collapse, we commit to staring at the sun, willing to face our greatest fears in the process.

Peter is a web developer of 25 years, with a multi-disciplinary arts and activism background. Most recently he founded the co-operatively owned streaming service Resonate which has been featured in numerous publications including Wired, the Guardian, the Nation and more. Most recently he has founded the software coop DAO to coordinate technology development for cooperatives worldwide.

Susanne is a design bad ass and an educator exploring new frontiers.

Rashid is an intellectual powerhouse.

Co-founded by , and , our network extends into education, technology, environmental and cultural fields.

Climate change, economic inequality, political polarization, the rise of authoritarianism, ecosystem collapse… the convergence of crisis is our battleground. Embodied cognition, participatory methods, mindfulness, intuition and empathy become our shields and swords.