Our Numbers Are Growing

this post originally appeared on cre8tives.org

For quite some time now I’ve been quoting the original research from the Cultural Creatives book, which stated that our sub-culture was 25% of the overall population.

But in the following interview, author and researcher Paul H Ray states that since the research was initially published, we’ve grown – to 35% of the population of the U.S., Western Europe and Japan.*

The cultural creatives segment grew out of the 1960’s counter-culture, which dramatically broke off from the dominant Modern/Traditionalist groups that had reached an even 50/50 split by the end of World War Two. Moderns are focused on urban materialism, while Traditionals tend to be more rural, patriarchal and look to the past for solutions.

One of the incredibly interesting observations made by Paul Ray in the interview was that Triodos bank recently did a research project across Europe, finding that cultural creatives in six different European countries were more similar to each other than their own home country. Major validation for our notion of a virtual homeland – that we should stop thinking nationalistically and gather the tribe.

We may not have our own specific landmass now, but as our numbers continues to grow, who knows?

*It should be noted that these numbers represent a great deal of statistical surveying and data which has been focused in the those three geographic areas. We’re convinced these numbers are global – that although we don’t have research data for other areas (China, Africa, Central/South America), there are just as many CC’s in those areas as the rest of the world.


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