Book Review: Russell Brand’s Revolution

At first glance, maybe jaded cynicism. Possibly guarded optimism and longing. All these feelings and more.

Quick Exit for the Super Rich?

“I know hedge fund managers all over the world are buying airstrips and farms in places like New Zealand because they think they need a getaway.”

Google – Search, Email, Docs and… Killer Robots

A diatribe against Google — from user spying to Julian Assange to recent revelations that a major line has been crossed — they’ve now become a defense contractor.

Mindfulness Lite

“How the 1 percent is hijacking mindfulness.” Hmmm, scarrrry. When I first heard that Jon Kabat-Zinn was doing mindfulness courses at Google…

Abundance and Scarcity

If you’ve ever gazed at a small patch of grass or waded through endless photographs captured by the Hubble telescope, it is mind-numbingly obvious how abundant the universe is.